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Roll-Offs for Central Florida’s Recycling Needs

If you have large quantities of recyclable materials a roll-off or compactor might be right for your needs, they can be used for clean cardboard, newspaper, plastics, metals, and even single-stream recycling. Roll-offs are available in 10, 20, 30, and 40 cubic yard sizes and can be serviced up to six days per week. If you have clean concrete or asphalt we can often have it recycled for you with no disposal cost.

roll-off container

Open Top Containers for All of Your Recycling and Waste Disposal Needs

Orlando Waste Paper Company Inc’s customers have used our roll-off containers for a wide array of cleanouts and projects at residential and commercial properties.

  • Roll-off containers are available for both temporary projects and ongoing operations and can be serviced either on-call or on a set schedule.
  • Roll-off quantities of a single material type may be eligible for a rebate to reduce your costs – ask your representative!
  • If you have non-recyclable materials that need to be thrown away, Container Rental Company can help! Contact your representative or visit

Orlando Waste Paper Has a Size for Every Project

20-Yard Roll-Off

Measurements are approximate and may vary slightly.

30-Yard Roll-Off

Measurements are approximate and may vary slightly.

40-Yard Roll-Off

Measurements are approximate and may vary slightly.

Contact Us to Find a Perfect Recycling Program