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Save Money With Front Load Dumpsters & Containers

Orlando Waste Paper’s recycling program using front load dumpsters is the most common solution to your recycling needs. Whether you’re trying to save the environment, save money, or meet various municipal and building certification requirements – we’re here to help.

We offer containers in 4, 6, 8, and 10 cubic yard sizes, serviced up to 6 times per week. Processing cardboard, paper, plastics, and metals our representatives can put together a program to meet your needs while being easy to implement.

Front Load Dumpsters

Orlando Waste Paper Company Inc Makes Recycling Easy

Staying environmentally responsible is easy with Orlando Waste Paper Company Inc’s single-stream recycling program.

  • Our recycling program accepts a wide variety of cardboard, paper, plastics and metals – for more detailed information, take a look at our Recycling Instructions.
  • You can place your recyclable items loose or bagged into any of our containers.
  • Our representatives will provide a free waste stream audit at your request, ensuring you have the correct container size and number of pickups each week for both recycling and solid waste services.
  • Containers for cardboard only are available at a reduced rate.

Container Sizes, Dimensions, and Capacity

Font load container dimensions are an important factor when choosing size and frequency. Our representatives can help you pick the best size for your available space and volume.

Please note: we recommend all enclosures be at least 10′ wide at the narrowest point to give our drivers room to safely service your container.

Four-Yard Container

Holds approximately 28 bags of garbage.

Six-Yard Container

Holds approximately 42 bags of garbage.

Eight-Yard Container

Holds approximately 56 bags of garbage.

Contact Us to Find a Perfect Recycling Program